Student Career Counselling - Leaders in Making

Student & Career Advisory

Under this programme, a comprehensive examination along with a basic understanding of a student’s personality involving his\her IQ and EQ analysis is conducted. After an extensive evaluation, academic courses or career lines are suggested as per the requirement. And then we guide them through the process helping them imbibe the required skills and traits to realise their goals...

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Parent Advisory  - Leaders in Making

Parent Advisory

With this programme, we aim to provide valuable inputs on initiatives and programs from a parental perspective. You are the well-wisher and the one who is going to be constant in your child's life and will be there in the beginning, middle and end of their educational experience. This would help in acknowledging the issues that parents might feel the need to be addressed, thereby, developing solutions on how to continually improve the child and parent experience...

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Leaders in Making - Corporate Coaching

Corporate Services

Our robust blend of services includes advisory and counselling sessions for corporate employees and executives. A dedicated service to cater to their needs - involving individual growth and stability, thereby, reflecting a positive impact on both personal and professional lives. Our professional competence allows us to support and assist you in coping up with the usually complex to manage work-life balance...

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Leaders in Making - Schools & Institutions

Schools & Institutions

A comprehensive program assisting each enrolled student in taking up an appropriate, thoughtful and well-researched approach towards their college and career search within the boundaries of their strengths and interests. This programme would allow schools and colleges in providing their students with holistic decision-making skills that would complement their future life building choices…

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